The most dangerous village and "The Road of Death"

Guo Liang is located in Xinxiang City, Henan Province. The highest altitude is about 1600 meters. Due to its unique geographical advantages, it brings rich vegetation and a lot of waterfall landscapes to the South Taihang Mountains. They are all cliffs and cliffs. I once saw the sentence "Taihang Mountain, leaving the most beautiful section to Henan" in a magazine. It may not be understandable without approaching Guo Liang.

Guo Liangcun is located on the cliffs of Qianjing, with steep terrain and beautiful scenery. It is famous for its "water-hungry roads" with amazing water views and cliffs. It is also known as the "Pearl of Taihang".

In 1972, in order to let the villagers go down the mountain, 13 villagers, under the leadership of the declaration letter, sold goats and yam, and raised funds to purchase steel hammers and steel drills. In the absence of electricity and machinery, it was entirely by hand. For five years, a stone of 26,000 cubic meters was cut in the precipice with a height of 5 meters, a width of 4 meters, and a length of 1300 meters. Cave-Guo Liangdong, opened to traffic on May 1, 1977. For this reason, Wang Huaitang and other villagers gave their lives. This precipice promenade was stunned by Japan's Yutian Film and Television Company as "the ninth wonder of the world".

We'll show you the famous Guoliang Tunnel,  "The Long Corridor in the Cliffs."  

Yuntai Mountain

The Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area is named because of the steep mountains and the clouds and fog surrounding it. Yuntai Mountain's main peak, Zhuyu Peak, has an elevation of 1,308 meters, and there is a 314-meter drop in the Yuntai Skyfall. At the end of the scenic waterfall, it is one of the most significant falls found in China.

The Yuntaishan Scenic Area is rich in geological relics, and rock formations 3.4 billion years ago have been discovered. For 3 billion years, the Archean, Proterozoic, Paleozoic and Cenozoic strata have formed. Many tectonic movements, especially for 23 million years, the substantial uplift of the neotectonic change and the depth cut of water erosion have created a canyon group facing the double cliffs of Yuntai Mountain and various dynamic waterfalls, springs, streams, and ponds. It constitutes the "Yuntai landform" landscape.

The red rock wall and crystal clear water in the deep valley of the entire redstone gorge is the most beautiful place in Yuntai Mountain. The newly-built glass plank path in Yuntaishan, standing on the plank path to see the scenery from top to bottom is even more spectacular (but it takes courage to take the glass plank path).

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