the best team

The Best Team

China Adventure Club was founded in 2003. It was first born as Great Wall Adventure Club, with our initial mission being to provide Great Wall hiking and trekking for all types of international visitors, be it, backpacker or businessman. The success of our Great Wall hikes has enabled us to be an internationally recognized brand, as the Wall Street Journal, Fodor’s Travel Guide, and even NBC, have all reported on our Great Wall trips. The spotlight shone on us during the 2008 Olympics. We were the travel guides for a host of Olympic teams, such as U.S. Softball team, the U.K. Swimming and Diving team, the Canadian Rowing team, and other Olympic groups from Russia, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Since founded, we have enabled over 10,000 visitors to have the hike of a lifetime while on the Great Wall, making one of the world’s true marvels accessible to all.  

While we do have many hard-working and diligent people in our corporate office, the credit for our success rightly goes to our field workers- our guides and drivers. All of our travel advisors are experienced travel professionals who have a burning passion for travel. They continually travel within China to keep abreast of the latest trends and attractions. They thus can provide our customers with the newest information about going to China, and what’s hot and what’s not. Evaluations done by our recent clients are highly regarded as we continuously monitor the service level of our providers and staff. Because of our rapid rise, we now have offices in three large hubs of Chinese travel-Beijing, Nanjing, and Xi’an.

Our tour guides are college graduates who majored in foreign languages and have passed the strict national examination to be licensed tour guides. They are experienced local experts and will provide you with the flexibility to get the most out of your trip. We stand by the fact that our guides have had the most rigorous training of any in China. Because of our excellent tour guides, we have a 100% record when it comes to safety, and our guides plan on keeping it that way.

Along with the tour guides, our drivers also deserve much praise. Without them, no tour could get off and run, and thanks to them, we can deliver to our customers the convenience and comfort they seek when traveling. Because of the rapidly changing nature of China’s network of roads, driving around this big country can be confounding. Our professional drivers pass the test again and again and own solid safe driving records. 

So the next time you are on tour with us, won’t you please give a heartfelt thanks to our guides and drivers. Simply put, they’re the best in the business!


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