About Panda Volunteer Program

Observe the baby panda for a few months up close, make nests for the panda babies, and raise the pandas with love, wash the "dormitories" for the pandas, and become bamboo "porters" in the wild in the National Nature Reserve Hiking for outdoor expansion. Now, Master Panda is waiting for you! Our panda volunteer activities will give you a chance to touch the national treasure from a distance!

What are more details -- You'll be able to take care and interact with the giant pandas. 

Your responsibilities will include feeding the panda, cleaning the bamboo and enclosure, bathing a panda, weighing the bamboo (to determine how much they should eat), and all the other responsibilities that being a panda keeper would entail. 

Our panda volunteer program offers our guests a complete day experience of taking care of the lovely pandas at the Chengdu panda book centers located in Dujiangyan. 

With a short training by the professional care professionals, the volunteers will begin with cleaning pandas' homes like custodians, preparing lunch for the pandas and feed the pandas. After the lunch break, the volunteers will clean up pandas' mess and also get ready for their mid-day desert as well as feed the pandas once again. At the end of the day, the volunteers will receive the certificates that they can show off of having worked for the charming pandas for during their lifetimes. The whole volunteer work is from 9 am to 4:30 pm. So, this is a full-day experience. 


Dujiangyan Panda Base is half-an-hour away from Chengdu. It is a closer panda base that allows the volunteer to work for the pandas. There are about 20 pandas raised inside. There is a limit of 25 volunteers daily for this center. 

Qualified Ages of Participants: 12 to 65.

Younger youngsters under 12 are not allowed to work as volunteers. However, they do not have to feel bored. They can visit the center with our tourist guide, see their mom's and dads' job as well as watch amusing panda video clips. They can have a Chinese lunch together with their parents inside the center. 

To reach Chengdu, you might fly from Beijing, Shanghai, or any other major port of entrances in China or fly directly from abroad with direct flight to Chengdu. If you have a trip to Xian to see the Terracotta Warriors, you can take a bullet train to Chengdu for only 4 hours. Many clients of ours receive this secure method by extending their trip to Chengdu. You will experience China's newest bullet train line that connects the two major cities. To learn more concerning this connection journey, please go to the Xian tour pages.

Work Schedule


7:00 am

Your guideand driver will pick you up from your hotel in Chengdu and head for Dujiangyan Panda Park, which is located 68 kilometers (about 42 miles) west of Chengdu.

8:30 am

Arrive at Dujiangyan Panda Park. Your guide will help you sign up, get your panda keeper’s card, uniform and gloves. The staff will give a short instruction and detailed schedule for the day, and your guide will be there for you all the time, helping taking photos or videos of your memorable moments.

9:00 am – 11:30 am

On duty, work as a real panda keeper!

Your panda keeper service may include but not limited to:

*Clean the panda’s enclosure and playground, such as sweeping up leftover bamboo leaves, washing the floor of their rooms and sometimes shoveling their poops.

*Prepare food for the pandas, such as washing or carrying bamboos, or making some special panda cakes with your own hands and creativity!

*Feed a panda! You got bamboo shoots, apples, carrots, or your handmade cakes—all panda’s favorite, use your own hand to feed them but try to keep a safe distance.

11:30 am - 2:00 pm

Have lunch and take a break. Try some local speciality at a local guesthouse outside the Panda Park. Take a short rest and walk around in the park after lunch. You will see a 40-minute-long panda documentary, learn about how the shy pandas find a partner, give birth, grow up, get trained and sent back to the wild.

2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Back to be a panda keeper again. The actives are the kind of the same as that in the morning. As your panda keeper job finishes, you will receive a certificate. Time to say goodbye to your new panda friends, they’ll appreciate your hard work. After that, your guide and driver will take you back to Chengdu.

5:00 pm

Arrive at your hotel in Chengdu. Or, we will drop you off at the airport or train station. 

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