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From Huanghan to Hakka Tulou

The eastern portion of China has historically been the country’s most populous section, and with the abundance of arable farmland and water, it’s easy to understand why. The eastern seaboard is now also the engine firing up China’s booming economy, like Shanghai, Nanjing, and the province of Jiangsu are all centers of industry and commerce. Our adventure tours in the east are designed to get you outside the big and bustling city centers and into the captivating and magnificent countryside, rich with culture, mystery, and excitement.

When its archetypal granite peaks and twisted pines are wreathed in spectral folds of mist, Huangshan’s idyllic views easily nudge it into the select company of China’s top 10 sights. Legions of poets and painters have drawn inspiration from Huang Shan’s iconic beauty. Huangshan rewards visitors with moments of tranquility, and the unearthly views can be simply breathtaking.


Yongding county is a stunning rural area of rolling farmland and hills in southwestern Fujian province. Heartland of the Hakka people, it’s renowned for its remarkable Tulou (roundhouses). These vast, packed-earth edifices are resembling fortresses scattered throughout the surrounding countryside. Today over 30,000 survive, many still inhabited and open to visitors. These structures were large enough to house entire clans. The buildings were communal, with interior buildings enclosed by enormous peripheral structures that could accommodate hundreds of people. The walls are made of rammed earth and glutinous rice, reinforced with strips of bamboo and wood chips. The tulou are surprisingly comfortable to live in, being ‘dongnuan xia liang’, or ‘warm in winter and cool in summer.’

The region of rivers and lakes in eastern China is referred to as the lower reaches of the Changjiang (Yangtze) River, including Nanjing, Shanghai, and Hangzhou. Traveling in this area, you can learn more about the lifestyle, gardens, and buildings in ancient China. The zigzagging Grand Canal and the picturesque Taihu Lake depict a beautiful picture of natural landscapes. Here, you can enjoy the beauty of townships and villages some 1,000 years old-a a fantastic world of rivers and bridges. The most beautiful scenes can be found in Suzhou and its neighboring areas, such as Tongli, Zhouzhuang, and Mudu, as well as the regions near Hangzhou, such as Xitang.


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