BIKING BY THE Great Wall, Guangxi, Yunnan and Sichuan

Why biking in China

We choose to ride. You can enjoy a lot of mountains by riding, and you can meet a lot of Chinese friends, you can experience a lot of life by riding. On our biking trips with China, you can check out the social highlights as well as the rough charm of the rural areas, while experiencing day-to-day culture on every step of the way.

We provide thoroughly made long-range trips to satisfy everyone that believes-- just like us-- that biking is the best and also the most authentic method to discover new areas! China Adventure Club's tours are designed for people who favor an energetic and also initial setting of travel over a traditional mass tourist.


Our cycling routes cover the following areas of China:

1) Foremost, the Great Wall biking;

2) Sichuan plain and Tibetan Plateau biking;

3) Guilin and Yangshuo biking;

4) Lijiang to Shangri-la and The Tiger Leaping Gorge biking


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