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Ancient scrolls of Chinese landscape paintings of high mountains, ancient pines, bizarre rocks, and seas of clouds come alive at Huangshan Mountain in southern Anhui Province. Recently listed on UNESCO's World Cultural and Natural Heritage List, Huangshan Mountain is a testament to the beauty that only nature can create. As beautiful as Huangshan Mountain is, there is much more to offer visitors than just the mountain.

Nearby Huangshan City, the ancient villages of Hongcun and Xidi are not to be missed visits on anyone's itinerary to China. The historic old communities of Hongcun and Xidi have both been listed on UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage List. Most noteworthy is the way that these two villages have been beautifully preserved, offering visitors a glimpse into what China was like during the late Qing Dynasty. Tunxi, a street steeped in history, is a great bonus destination for tourists visiting Huangshan. It is the primary gateway to Huangshan. It is located about an hour away from Huangshan Mountain. Tunxi Ancient Street has budget accommodations, restaurants, and many unique things to offer. The restored part of the Tunxi Ancient Street is particularly beautiful at night when the red lanterns lining the river are lit, and create a very festive atmosphere. Tunxi Ancient Street also has one of China's best antique markets.

Our Huangshan programs allow you to spend the night from the summit of Yellow Mountain, the highest peak of the Huangshan area. From the peak, you can enjoy the dazzling sunset as well as the jaw-dropping sunrise. We also offer a winter tour. Though cold, Huangshan springs to life as a winter wonderland. What makes Huangshan Mountain's snow different is the magic that occurs when the snow settles on the ancient pines, rocks, and pools of Huangshan Mountain. It forms a perfect union that makes this already fantastic area even more beautiful.

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