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"We've been in your country only 5 days, but already we've seen the wonders of a lifetime -- the Great Wall of China, a structure so huge and marvelous that it can be seen from space; the ancient city of Xi'an; and the Tomb of the Great Emperor and the buried army that guards him still. These are the wonders of ages past. " 

- President Reagan,  Remarks At Fudan University In Shanghai, China, 1984

There are many more places in China that President Reagan didn't have time to visit. China Adventure Club, a division of Great Wall Adventure Club, one of the most trusted China tour operators, will bring you all the best that China has to offer.


China, the world’s oldest continuous culture and country, has long held the imagination of writers, artists, and adventurers with its exotic landscape and fantastic treasures. We conduct programs that offer our clients a more authentic and exciting view of the “middle kingdom.” As an extension of the Great Wall Adventure Club, we know how to deliver the wonder and mystery of China to our guests. It is China, where anything is possible, one of the wild jungles, beautiful rivers, high mountaintops, bustling Muslim markets and bazaars, and ethnic minority villages where life is relatively untouched by the outside world. We at China Adventure Club want to show you a side of China that is often overlooked by the average visitor, one that will give you memories that will last a that will provide you with memories that will last a lifetime.


Our China Adventure tours cover the whole scope of this massive country, leaving no stone unturned. These include the most remote, wild, and exotic places that are not otherwise easily accessible. You can go mountain hiking and climbing in the wilds of Tibet, ride horses in Inner Mongolia, go biking in the tropics of Guangxi, set off on a 4-wheel expedition to Mt. Everest and Nepal, and even cruise down the mighty Yangtze River. All of our adventure tours include an English-speaking and professionally trained guide who knows the lay of the land, ensuring your safety and comfort.

"If you are browsing for a terrific, trustworthy tour company in China -- look no further. I loved my experience with The Great Wall Adventure Club! " -- Scott Hanson, American TV Sportscaster.  


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