China Educational Tour Programs

China Adventure Tours understands that the needs of travelers include both a thrill-seeking journey and an educational insight.

As China is a land of vast historical and cultural beauty, it is important to study how these factors have made China one of the most unique places to visit on the planet.

Our educational tours are key in giving our clients the optimum level of satisfaction whilst on their tour of China.

In 2011, we have been proud to be asked to market and co-run the iCarnegie Wuxi, ChinaSummer Camp. This involves taking 156 students from the US on a 21-day tour on China that involves adventure, history, culture, and more importantly, education.

Our other educational tours combine learning about the ancient history of China, with the understanding of how modern China has been shaped into the nation that is it today.

Our tours include a 14-day Kung Fu educational tour where you will be taught the beauty of Chinese martial arts. Our successful and much sought after 12-day trek from Beijing to Qinghuangdao combines the natural scenery and architectural importance of the Great Wall.

What sets us apart from our competitors is the fact that we take great care in customizing your tours to suit what you want to learn.

If viewing ancient relics is what you are after, or you would much prefer to indulge in martial arts, China Adventure Club is sure to provide you the ultimate experience that China has to offer.