High School

As the emerging superpower of the 21st century, China is a superb destination for anyone looking to get a leg up on his or her peers, and we are proud to lead dynamic, experiential summer trips to China for high school students. Designed for those with a keen interest in the middle kingdom, participants learn about China through customized programs of site visits, language classes and travel. Together they explore China first-hand, guided by program leaders whose passion is matched by their deep local knowledge. Participants will learn about China across a diverse range of themes including the arts, business, entertainment, and the environment, and they will meet professional individuals shaping China in these areas. Through these interactions and daily life, participants will have opportunities to develop Mandarin language skills, among other areas.

We offer educational immersion programs covering all aspects of Chinese culture. You have the option of taking Chinese language lessons from native-speaking professionals, learning first-hand about the intricacies of Chinese cuisine from a first-rate chef, taking martial arts lessons at Shaolin Temple (the birthplace of Kung Fu), study the rich philosophical texts of Confucianism, and even learn to personally care for your won Giant Panda! In addition, you can also visit your high school counterpart here in China, where you will have the opportunity to see China’s educational system at work, making for a fascinating compare and contrast with back home. You’ll get to meet with Chinese high school students, where you can make connections and friendships that could last a lifetime.