School Expeditions for College

For young explorers with imagination, China is a dream destination for traveling. A long and vibrant culture, varied and dramatic landscape, as well as a friendly and hospitable people, make China the perfect place for your school expedition. A school expedition is the perfect opportunity for young learners to realize their potential while also making friends and connections that will last a lifetime. For teachers, it’s an outstanding opportunity to better bond with your students while also witnessing firsthand the skills you’ve taught them inside the classroom. For parents, it’s about seeing your child come home with a renewed zeal and confidence for the challenges ahead. We understand that it takes a lot of hard work and effort to realize your goal of an expedition, that’s why we take the utmost care and dedication when it comes to carrying out your objectives and requirements. In fact, we pride ourselves on being the premier on-the-ground facilitator for all school expedition needs.

We can carry out and plan all aspects of your school China trip. Arranging large group airfare and hotel accommodation (through our relationship with eLONG), city tours (Beijing, Shanghai, and everything in between), inner country transportation- all of it can be handled by us. When it comes to your actual expedition we have it covered as well, Great Wall hikes, trekking in Tibet, rafting down the Li River, we can do it all. We can supply the guides, equipment, and anything else your trip requires. Our field guides go through rigorous training and preparation, much more so than any other organization. Our team has an impeccable safety record, ensuring your expedition is a safe and secure one. We continually confer and coordinate with our US and UK partners, ensuring that every school expedition is conducted up to their standards to the letter.

In addition to the physical aspects of your China trip, we enhance the educational aspect of your experience as well. Throughout the whole of China, we have invaluable contacts with a whole range of educational and cultural organizations, allowing your participants to fully immerse themselves in Chinese culture. Participants can take part in courses and demonstrations on Chinese martial arts, cooking, traditional medicine, the performing arts, and any other aspect of Chinese culture that interests students.