Charity Expedition

As well as facilitating expeditions for university groups, China Adventure Club also provides the same services for charitable and non-profit groups.

This is done so that we can give a wider range of people an insight into the wonders of China. As we have a lot to offer, it is only fair that we cater for everybody’s needs in terms of traveling.

We can plan and organize your own China adventure. This is done to give you a touch of authenticity and quality that no other China travel specialist can approach.

We have 15 years of experience in planning tailor-made itineraries and conducting challenging yet safe treks.

China Adventure Tours can also plan events for other large groups, such as corporate outings and team building activities. We can provide you with a tour of China that comes with that extra little something, such as a feast or banquet on the Great Wall itself. China Adventure Tours also understands that China is a land that shows its beauty through all seasons. As groups are typically available in the summer when China heats up, we will also be able to conduct tours through the winter.

China is a vast country that spans from humid tropical weather to ice covered terrain in the winter. So if an ice capped mountain or an exotic looking valley is what you are looking for, China Adventure Tours will be sure to help you find your ultimate tour of China.

China is not a land that lays dormant during the cold season. As celebrations such as Christmas and the New Year fall in this time, its people and culture come alive. This will surely allow you to get the best experience that China has to offer.