Cultural Heritage Programs for Overseas Chinese

As the most heavily populated country in the world, as well as having history’s longest continuing civilization, it is natural that the Chinese diaspora is both large and diverse. America, Canada, Australia, the U.K., the list of nations with an established overseas Chinese community is both long and impressive. While those overseas Chinese are obviously part of and proud of their home, the lure and desire to visit one’s ancestral homeland is strong. And with a country with as rich a culture as China, a visit can be rewarding both intellectually and emotionally.

For those overseas Chinese wishing to visit the middle kingdom, we offer various programs designed to help you better understand China’s cultural tradition. The Chinese language, calligraphy, cooking, the martial arts, the performing arts, Confucianism and much more are all waiting to be discovered and studied by you. We have invaluable contacts with a whole range of cultural groups, allowing you to immerse yourself in China. Our cultural heritage programs are totally customizable, allowing you to have the final say. We can take you to very source of China’s traditions, from studying the martial arts at Shaolin temple, analyzing the life of Confucius in his hometown of Qufu, and creating mouth-watering dishes in the Sichuan capital of Chengdu.

Through our special programs for overseas Chinese, you’ll be able to feel even more connected to your ancestral home, and the rewards are not just limited to you, as you can pass off the knowledge and insight you have gained to your friends and family, thereby enriching their lives as well. For more information about our programs for overseas Chinese, contact us today!