Great Wall Trekking

As one of the true wonders of the world, along with being perhaps the crowning achievement of the spirit of human ingenuity, the Great Wall deserves to be treasured and enjoyed to its fullest potential, and our special trekking programs allows you to spend real quality time with the wall, giving a true understanding of this amazing marvel.

Trekking at length along the Great Wall is substantially different than simply making the customary short visit. On the one hand, you will be physically challenged; on the other hand, you will obtain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Chinese history and culture. To have the opportunity to trek on the Wall along much of its length is the experience of a lifetime.

On our Great Wall trekking programs, you can roam on the wall for up to 12 days. You’ll see everything, from unspoiled “wild wall” to grand and majestic watchtowers and brickwork. By trekking on the wall you’ll get a lesson on the strategic and tactical purpose of the structure, along with a fascinating compare and contrast on the wall’s different styles, layouts, and functions. Our trek programs are extremely popular, as they are the trip of choice for our school and charity expedition groups. As with our camping, most of the major materials and equipment will be supplied by us. Depending on your choice or the weather, we can camp out on the wall or stay with a local farmer’s family nearby.

To have the opportunity to hike it from one end to the other is the experience of a lifetime. Additionally, there will be countless opportunities for photography as we hike along, giving you a journey full of innumerable treasures and unsurpassed grandeur!