Great Wall Camping: Sleeping on the Great Wall of China

Do you enjoy the challenge of camping and searching for a new and interesting experience? Then you have found the right place! China Adventure Club offers a whole range of Great Wall Camping. This is a tour package that combines both hiking and camping. This tour is especially suitable for outdoor lovers. It will be an exhausting trip, as you need to climb the wild great wall and hike with your belongings. But, you will be impressed by the breathtaking scenery when you are standing on a piece of wall that only a survivor can reach.

Besides hiking and camping, there are other great perks to camping on the Great Wall. Enjoying the marvelous view of the sunrise or sunset on the Great Wall, hiking desolate stretches with no one else in sight, spending the night in tents under the stars are all part of what makes the journey so memorable. If the weather is not good or if there is inclement weather during the trip, then our schedule will be altered with a home stay at a local village nearby. Also, we will provide most of all the major camping equipment, such as tents.

As it will be a tough journey, you are reminded to think twice before making decisions. Proper hiking shoes are highly recommended for a pleasant hike and please remember to eat and drink reasonably. Please ensure that you are ready for our Great Wall Camping tour before the trip starts. We always welcome challengers throughout the world to join us and discover the different dimensions of beauty of the Great Wall. We aim to provide you with a unique Great Wall experience that will be the highlight of your trip to China.