About China Adventure

For many, China tourism is about the big city, especially Beijing, Shanghai, or Hong Kong. But we believe that the best sights and travel in China are to those wild and untamed places, where your sense of wonder, excitement, and mystery can run free. Our adventure programs are designed and optimized to show you a different side of China, one that is not often talked about in the news reports of China’s economic boom. We’ll lift the curtain on China’s stunning natural beauty, varied wildlife, and captivating mix of diversity and cultures. Whether it’s a long voyage through Tiger Leaping Gorge, a one day hike for company team building, Great Wall hiking, or an educational school trip, we do it all. We make sure our customers have not just a memorable experience, but also one that combines healthy exercise with learning about a rich history, seeing unique cultures, enjoying good friendship, and getting away from work and the city…and all at an extremely competitive price.

With our adventure tours, you can experience “wild China” in fitting fashion. You can hike up Huangshan, China’s most inspiring and beautiful mountain. You can sail down the mighty and imposing Yangtze River, the world’s third longest. You can travail through the tropical jungles of Yunnan or explore Tibet’s holy mountain shrines. We also offer our full range of Great Wall hiking, camping and trekking, which is optimized to show you the true Great Wall, and not some touristy Disneyland version. Our Great wall programs is what first made us famous, as we have gotten acclaim from such esteemed sources as Fodor’s travel guides, the Wall Street Journal, and even NBC. The choice of journey is yours, and as with all our programs, you can even create and customize your own China adventure, so you get out of it exactly what you want.

While we deal with China’s wild side, that doesn’t mean our service and quality is spotty. The sheer size of China, together with its massive population and long history means that travel in China is complex and elaborate. As a travel service, we are, quite simply, the best at what we do. That’s what our clients keep telling us. We have assembled a team of specialists, each of whom has a thorough knowledge of a particular region, and who by working closely together collectively embody the skills and learning of an expert. Our trips are suitable for all, be it a single traveler or large groups, any kind of travel party is welcome. During your trip, we also will take care of all your logistical needs, be it meals, accommodation or transportation.

In addition to its shocking and captivating landscape, our adventure tours are crafted to show you about China’s colorful diversity, as the country truly is a mosaic of different customs and cultures. You can ride with the nomads of Inner Mongolia, wonder among the Muslim markets of far western Xinjiang province, explore minority cultures in Guizhou and stay in minority villages untouched by time, or even lodge in the round huts (known as a tulou) of the Hakka people in coastal Fujian province. We also offer a range of choices in your mode of transportation during your trip. Hiking, horse riding, biking, 4x4 exploration, rafting, and cruising are just some of the ways you can explore this wonderful country.

Every member and guide of our team loves travel, exploring, and discovering the world. We put that passion into what we do so our travelers can do the same thing.