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"It was a great experience and we will remember it forever."

What our heroes are talking about their China tour experience and their host, the Great Wall Adventure Club

"Thanks much for giving us the opportunity for a spectacular hike on the Great Wall! We really enjoyed the time spent with our guide, Cheney. He was very personable and his knowledge of the history of the Wall was very beneficial. I would recommend your company without reservation to anyone considering a visit to one of the world’s treasures. By the way, I don’t know the name of our driver but his driving skills are exceptional. The drive to and from the Wall was almost as much fun as the hike!"

Allan Bloom, USA

I just wanted to comment on the hike we recently took with your tour group on March 20th.
Lee was our guide and his was brilliant. Great language skills, we never had any difficultly understanding him throughout the tour. Very impressive knowledge of the great wall and the sections that we hiked as well.
The success of tours is very dependent, as you know, on the quality of the guides and we just wanted to pass on to you how great Lee was.

Ian, Canada

Sorry it took so long to send these pictures. We had some trouble with our camera storage but we managed to get a backup sent to us. Here are about 14 pictures of our hike. The hike was absolutely amazing under blue skies, and the greatwalladventures.com tour was definitely the right choice. We saw our friends pictures of their trip to Badaling wall and it didn't even compare to our authenticate experience. Their pictures showed a newly rebuilt wall while our experience felt like we were standing on ancient history. It was the highlight of our 5 week trip. Our guide told very interesting stories along the way. The driver took very good care of us and even detoured past the Olympic stadium on the drive back to Beijing so that we could have a look at it. We were very glad to have chosen GreatWallAdventures.com for our one in a lifetime adventure."

Ed, Canada

"I want to thank you for your help in setting up my Great Wall hike of April 19. Upon arriving in Beijing I called Lisa and we chatted for a few minutes then Cheney called about 5 min. later. Cheney was my guide and was very competent. He kept the pace moving and was sensitive to my not doing this every day as well as his being twice my age. All went very well, if I could do that hike two or three times a week it would be a terrific and healthy activity. With considerably fewer visitors than Badaling I was most pleased. I visited Badaling in 1992 and it was very crowded. My fellow tour participants went to Badaling and described great crowds. With the unrestored nature, great vistas, fewer people and some good physical exercise, and history as related by Cheney it made for the highlight of my trip to China. I am indeed pleased that this was on the penultimate day of my China journey, it made the whole trip move at an upwards curve with JinShanLing to Simatai the top of the curve.
Thanks again for your help! Whenever possible I will recommend this to others who plan to travel to China.

Michael Merry, UK

"We had the best time on the wall!!!! I would highly recommend this trip to anyone. Can you do me a favor? Our guide on the Great Wall was Lee. While there, a farmer was hand carving sketches in stone at Simatais ( the start of our tour, the end for others). If possible, I would like him to purchase 3 and mail it to me. I will gladly pay him for the item, trouble, and postage.

Wes, USA

"We had an absolutely wonderful day with Michael. I don't have access to email now, so this is short, but we LOVED it. Thanks very much!!"

Lynn, USA

"Jonah and I are back in the USA .. with many fond memories of our two weeks and China.. and especially fine members of you all and the wonderful hospitality and assistance you gave to us.. You made our time in Beijing truly memorable.. Hope all of you are well.. and thank you again.. If any of you come to the States one day, please let us return the hospitality!!"

Hank Marsh, USA

"We are back from our magnificent trip to China. Just loved it.
I will be more than happy to be a reference. I had actually intended to write a note to thank you and tell you how much we enjoyed our day but have been so busy.
Our hike on the wall was certainly one of the highlights of our trip.
Although the webpage says it is demanding we certainly managed it fine and we are 60!
Thanks for having the availability of the hike. It made it so much more enjoyable having a driver who was very good driver and a pleasant man and of course Lee who was a pleasure to be with.
Great great day.
Cheers for now!"

Gillian, USA

"I enjoyed the hike and the guide was great! Thanks again!"

Jeff, USA

"We had a wonderful time hiking with our guide, Lee. The rain did not deter us, and we got some amazing photos of the wall in the mist. We have attached 3 photos. A few more will follow in another e-mail. Thank you for an unforgettable experience!!"

Milinda, Edward, and Maggie (age 3)
San Rafael, California

"Just a quick not to tell you that we had a wonderful hike with Bruce, one of your guides, last month and he was terrific. We traveled with my with 2 children, 8 & 10 year old, and also my 68 year old mother. We found the hike from Jinshanling to Simatai very challenging but so beautiful. It was a great experience and we will remember it forever."

Jennifer, USA

"I just came back from Beijing and Shanghai for my 10 day trip. I would give the Eastern Morning Sun Light Downtown Youth Hostel a two-thumb-up Eastern Morning Sun Light Downtown Youth Hostel. The guys I met were so friendly and they took care of my luggage when I had to travel to leave Beijing for Shenyang for three days.
I also joined the Great Wall Hiking Tour from Jinshanling to Simatai. great wall hiking tour. It took me about three hours to finish the jogging. I was so excited to see the Wall and walked the same way that ancient soldiers did. Fantastic tour!
Have fun with those great guys for the Great Wall tour!"

Daniel, Canada

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