Our Story

First established in the cities of Beijing and Xian in 1992, China Adventure Club was first born as Great Wall Adventure Club, with our initial mission being to provide Great Wall hiking and trekking for all types of international visitors, be it backpacker or businessman. The success of our Great Wall hikes have enabled us be an internationally recognized brand, as the Wall Street Journal, Fodor’s Travel Guide, and even NBC, have all reported on our Great Wall trips. The spotlight really shone on us during the 2008 Olympics, as we were the travel guides for a host of Olympic teams, such as U.S. Softball team, the U.K. Swimming and Diving team, the Canadian Rowing team, and other Olympic groups from Russia, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Since founded, we have enabled over 10,000 visitors to have the hike of a lifetime while on the Great Wall, making one of the world’s true marvels accessible to all.

In 2001, Great Wall Adventure Club was acquired and renamed as Great Wall Adventure Club & Company by NACI Group, a multi-national communication service and marketing company based in San Jose, California. The acquisition has allowed Great Wall Adventure Club to greatly expand and increase our base of operations to including hotel accommodation, domestic transportation and sightseeing. We have also started to become on-the-ground facilitators for British and American school expeditions and their home country contacts.

As a result of the growth of our business and services offered, we have expanded into bringing the excitement and wonder of “wild China” with our sister company, China Adventure Club. Each year, we help thousands of travelers explore the world, where they will see what it is like beyond the regular tourist attractions and get a feel for the REAL China. Whether it’s a trip with your friends to Tiger Leaping Gorge, a one day hike for company team building, Great Wall Hiking, or a rock climbing and biking excursion for an educational school trip, we do it all.